Saturday, May 30, 2009
6:34 PM

10:39 AM
“ I thought I was in love once. And then later I thought maybe it was just an inner ear imbalance… In the end I realized I’d learned two things. The first is… that it’s easier to think you’re in love than it is to accept that you’re alone, and the second is that it’s very easy to confuse love with subatomic particles bursting in the air. Well, I also learned that I should have my ears checked more regularly. ”
- Paul Gross, Due South

hahaha i wanna move to tumblr looks so cool. ;D

Friday, May 29, 2009 contemplative
8:29 PM
hahaha i feel like typing a very thoughtful post leh. not the emo kind, but the um, abstract kind, maybe philosophical. i dunno! ;]

i think my life currently rocks ah. i am still so happy my birthday was so great. i mean, it's my first time celebrating birthday on a school day. haha that sounds so loser, 15 other birthdays during holidays, lol. i don't rmb what i was doing the year before last year, and the years before leh. like nth significant enough lols. aw, but it was awfully lovely i think i'm actually blessed in ways that don't really appear very obviously. like, i have very very little friends (very apparent esp today when they went cca, and i had nth to do already) but they're really good friends that i can count on. i mean quantity is good, but quality is better. quality + quantity is best, but how often is that possible? hmmm.

and lol, i still believe that 有因必有果. it doesn't really matter that i cannot do anything abt it, because one day, someday, everything'll fall apart and you'll be exposed. she'll find out, she'll realise, everybody will know by then. omggg hahaha sy F against F, who will win haha! irksome man! omg gossipz! she is irritating leh bitch.

6:52 PM
and haha i think msn tells me alot of stuff. figured out so many things thru msn lah o.o is that good or bad uh?

and hahaha fuck you, fuck you very very much. that song stuck in my head omg lol.

16th birthday!
5:43 PM
Helloooooo, pictures, as promised. Py's brownies ain't here cause i forgot to take picture ytd and finished it already. ooopsz.

SHIYUAN i THINK i know what i wanna make for you already i got the image in my head but then whether or not i CAN produce it is another matter so lol, i hope i can hehe.
so ytd, as i said 409 gave me flowers lol. shelley, xinmin, khoonhaaaaaaaaaaaaan, beverly, rachel, hsinyin then shiyuan. i am so touched they planned until swee swee. but i didn't realise until shelley told me lols. the plan was supposed to be one flower per period. so ps they come look for me in btw periods sometimes teacher already in class looool. but still, I AM SO TOUCHED ESPECIALLY KHOOOOOOON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. hahahaha serious k.
and then xm's shoes lool drama queen, thanks i know i know. ;D let me be your model i will charge commission cheap cheap. haha! :]
and then sy's scrapbook loololololol! so bloody hideous so funny hahaha. thank you i will never EVER be able to do sucha thing hoho.
and py's brownies, i mentioned it was nicer than mine right :[ haha yes it is, thank you!
so we went over to vivo to watch AAD cause apparently the nearby cinemas don't show anymore. ate at LJ, talk quite abit, and went out to open area to talk again! i was busy fiddling with my flowers lolol. btw, they are now in a jar happily sucking water. :D my momma was so nice she help me put when i just got home ytd night. the movie was okay i guess, starting was booring my contacts were so dry i was straining my neck to watch! wasn't much of a surprise since i read the book before, but they missed out the last scene hahaha. juiciest of all, if i didn't rmb wrongly. like when did i read the book, sec 2? o.o movie finished abt 9 plus and off we went, home. bused from bedok interchange, wah super long never take bus from there. nostalgia ahhaha.
oh i almost forgot, thank you everybody who wished me happy birthday. sms, phone call, FB or in person hohoho, much appreciated. ;]

today was lame, but then i have decided to study, really study, for prelims. no, study is an understatement, i will do hardcore mugging, yes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009
10:26 PM
So here's my observation: you could never see it through my eyes, and I'm too tired to try.

if i really isolated myself at home on my 16th birthday .......

lols hello world, 花花公主 is back home. hahaha sweet sixteen was sweet and i think i haven't wasted any minute of it. as in, from 12 am. i tried to sleep but i couldnt cause i slept in the afternoon + bloody mozzies love me so much. phone buzzeeeeeeed, and stopped. and then i watched cop show + read eclipse till like 3+ or 4? AND I STILL COULDNT SLEEP keep falling in and out of my slumber .... o.o k cut the crap.

THANK YOU 409 nursings + khoon haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ hahahaha yes i 感动 until 5/2 dead liaoz. ;P but lol i look like a crazy nub getting one flower every period omg, hahaha today is smile to yourself like a no mum idiot day.

THANK YOU xinmin for the shoes, very nice!

THANK YOU shiyuan for the BOOK hahahahaha i feel so ... speechless!

THANK YOU peiyun for the brownies it is better than mine i hate to admit. :[

hoookey me tired already pictures plus further updates tmr, byebyebye. i shall come home to sleep tmr. NO MORE GOING OUT.

9:13 AM
hahaha hello happy birthday me! :B